4D New York City Skyline Time Puzzle

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  • A Great Way To Naturally Start Conversations About History, Geography, Current Event And More. Helps Instill A Sense Of Patriotism As They Help Build “The City That Never Sleeps” From The Ground Up, Into The Future. Ages 14 And Up.
  • Contains 900 Pieces
  • Plastic Skyscrapers Are Completely Detailed
  • Includes Such Icons As The Statue Of Liberty, Empire State Building, And The United Nations
  • Educational ; Teaches the Time Line of the City

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New York, New York


Build your own highly-detailed version of ‘the city that never sleeps’ in the center of your bedroom or living room with the 4D Cityscape: New York City time puzzle.

    The first layer of this best- selling, interactive puzzle forms the foundation with a vivid map of New York.

The second layer is a unique foam layer to add dimension that has cutouts for inserting the miniature buildings.

Challenging and Educating

Once atop of the first map layer, the 2nd dimension brings New York to life!

By the end of the puzzle’s assembly, you will have completed an entire history course specializing in the famous metropolis.

Fun for the whole family

The New York City design will teach kids and adults alike how this iconic U.S. city developed and evolved.


This map of New York City provides 120 model replicas of classic and modern buildings and landmarks that include the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, the United Nations Headquarters, World Trade Centers and many more.

4D Cityscape’s puzzles teach players how an individual city grows, allowing you to discover defining moments in history and explore historic buildings and architecture styles as you work your way through the Time Poster.

Take a trip through time with 4D Cityscape’s multi-dimensional puzzles. These puzzles are uniquely designed to challenge and educate players while remaining dynamic and fun.

4D Cityscapes are perfect for group play and make a great gift or collector’s souvenir.


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